Key Benefits


Volunteer-driven internet initiatives have proven successful in a broad set of disciplines, with perhaps software development and educational projects being the most prominent. We believe this model brings a lot to the table for translation and publishing too--namely:


  • Economic efficiency: with overhead costs kept extremely low, accessibility does not need to be driven by financial considerations
  • Quality: it's not just that anyone can improve on another's translation, and the history of online collaboration projects suggest that someone almost always will. As the wiki grows and draws more experienced linguists, we trust that quality will only get better and better over time.
  • Scalability: online projects like this have proven to scale very well from local start-ups to global initiatives, and we are building from the ground up on the same software that runs the world's biggest wikis
  • Resource discovery: as the project spreads, we believe it will uncover a wealth of now-unknown resources within the church, from skilled translators to international authors