Why Translation?


We believe that making resources accessible is critical because while the center of Christianity has shifted away from the West, Christian book publishing and distribution remains heavily concentrated in North America. This imbalance means that most of the world's Christians cannot read or even afford the majority of Christian books, leaving something of a vacuum for theological training for both Christian leaders and laypeople around the world.


In both the near- and long-term, we believe this deficit of bliblical resources will be very costly to the Church. False gospels will be preached uncontested, and new converts will either be led astray or become disillusioned with the faith when their expectations of health and wealth go unrealized.


Our hope is that by producing and freely distributing translations of gospel-centered books and articles, many will come to know and put their faith in the true gospel of Jesus Christ and his saving grace.


Ours is by no means the only valuable contribution being made to this problem, but we do believe we have a significant role to play in globalizing access to Christian publishing.

"If [Christians] can once grasp what the Bible does teach, they can test all other teachings that are offered to them." - Martyn Lloyd Jones